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Access Creates Opportunity

As the demand for highly skilled and educated workers grows, so does the need for specialized resources and educators. Often times the budget constraints of educational facilities limit the options available to students. One way schools and educators have been able to meet these demands is by leveraging broadband access to connect to other schools and universities for distance learning. 

Deployment of high-speed broadband empowers students with the advantages of distance learning, increasing access to valuable resources for those in more rural areas and creating new opportunities for those with special needs. Improved educational opportunities advances local economies and further develops community resources and helps prepare our workforce for the future.

When success matters, bussinesses choose Syringa Networks.

Why Choose Syringa Networks

In a 2006 report by the Information for Innovation and Technology Foundation, Robert Atkinson wrote that "distance learning powerfully expands educational opportunities, both for existing students and for those who may be unable to physically attend an educational institution because they are employed, have children, or live in a rural area, etc.

Syringa Networks, along with our member companies, has empowered schools throughout the region with the high-speed access they need to create new opportunities for their students. With more than 2000 miles of underground fiber we are often the most cost-effective solution for rural facilities looking to increase access for students.

When success matters, experience counts.

We own and operate our network infrastructure -- put our experience to work.

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