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We have added Private Line Wireless services to compliment our existing service portfolio, and provide your business the flexibility it needs in choosing the best option for connectivity. Your business benefits from all of the same functionality of our wired network solutions, without the need to be located near existing fiber infrastructure.

With speeds ranging from 5-20 Mbps download and 1-10 Mbps upload, you can be sure that we willl be able to support the demanding needs of your business, whether it's video, voice, or critical business applications. 

When success matters, bussinesses choose Syringa Networks.

Why Choose Syringa Networks

Key Benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation: With a simple setup process, your business will be up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to install traditional wired services. Professional installation is also available.*
  • WAN redundancy for Business Continuity: Ensure complete peace of mind with an automatic WAN failover for Disaster Recovery, as well as Load Balancing during peak usage to eliminate network congestion.
  • Integrates with your existing network: We specialize in "any-to-any" networks, and our Private Line Wireless service is no different. We can even integrate this into your existing MPLS service and tie all of your locations together.
  • We can service your remote locations: If you have locations that are cost-prohibitive or impossible to service through traditional wired services, we can provide service much faster than that of satellite or DSL.


When success matters, experience counts.

We own and operate our network infrastructure -- put our experience to work.

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