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Norco Multi-site MPLS Network

Complex networking and a long-term partnership


Norco, Inc. has been a Syringa Networks customer since 2009. Together, Norco and Syringa Networks have created more than a stable, flexible network—we created a lasting business partnership. Norco is the largest and most profitable private welding company in America, and continues to expand into the medical market.

Norco currently operates over 40 branches in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Utah, and Wyoming, has revenues of $250 million annually, and over 800 employees. Given Norco’s large operations, business continuity and minimizing downtime are primary goals, and a stable network is critical.

When Norco’s network carrier went out of business and gave them 30 days to find a new provider, they turned to us to provide a new WAN connection within a short time frame.

“We were in the hot seat, needed somebody to save us, and Syringa Networks was there,” said Chris Dominiak, Director of Information Services and Technologies at Norco, Inc.


Norco needed a solution that could be flexible, yet also allow business operations to continue as normal. “Syringa Networks was the only company that could keep our network up and in business without downtime,” Dominiak said.

We were able to provide a solution that is comprised of our MPLS network at its core, and a mix of T1s, bonded T1s, DSL, and Ethernet services at the endpoints. The Norco WAN is also highly complex in terms of the multiple vendors Syringa Networks manages on Norco’s behalf, because no provider has access into all of the states that Norco does business in.

After we gained more knowledge of the Norco network, we met to reevaluate the infrastructure and determined that a fiber build into the headquarters location and the disaster recovery site in Meridian, Idaho was the logical next step.

New fiber build prepares Norco for the future

Previously, Norco’s disaster recovery site was a “cold site”—the data environment would have to be replicated manually in the event that the headquarters location was compromised. With the new fiber build and the continuous ring created between the disaster recovery site, the headquarters, and the remote sites, the disaster recovery site is always replicating and all of Norco’s locations can pull new data into the site continuously.

“We’re consolidating in some areas and handing them to Syringa Networks, and the result is to give Norco a better disaster recovery plan,” Dominiak said.


The new network solution provided immediate benefits for Norco, including:

  • Decreased outages by 20%
  • Lowered operating costs by 10%

Norco’s mission-critical sites always need to be up, so the new fiber optic network configuration will minimize downtime and increase service levels. We manage the network end-to-end, which allows us more visibility into the network, and constantly monitor the network to prevent downtime and respond quickly to any issues.

“Norco no longer has to rely on other vendors when it comes to network issues,” said Gabe Gomez, Syringa Networks sales engineer on the project.

When the new fiber build is complete this fall, Norco’s network will be ready for the future.

“Most carriers don’t offer flexibility,” Dominiak said. “The Syringa Networks model is completely different. They say, ‘What can we build to improve your network?’”

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