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Thursday, December 16, 2010
Norco Multi-site MPLS Network

Norco currently operates over 40 branches in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Utah, and Wyoming, has revenues of $250 million annually, and more than 800 employees. Given Norco’s large operations, business continuity and minimizing downtime are primary goals, and a stable network is critical.

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Idaho Department of Correction

Comprised of 36 facilities throughout the state and more than 1,500 employees, the Idaho Department of Correction (IDOC) relies heavily on communication systems both internal and external to their organization.The department operates a central administrative office, eight correctional institutions, four community work centers, and 22 probation/parole district and satellite offices.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Idaho Transportation Department

Syringa is an outstanding company, capable of meeting the needs of the Idaho Transportation Department now and for the foreseeable future. With their client oriented approach and technical knowledge, Syringa has become a valued member of the ITD team.

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D.L. Evans Bank of Idaho

This letter is to state our level of satisfaction with Syringa Networks. In 1995 we had 19 branches all interconnected with T1 lines using Qwest as a provider. Even though we did not have any particular issues, we received a proposal from Syringa Networks to be our Internal WAN Provider.

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The Hospital Cooperative

Syringa Networks has been our solution for telecommunication services! We needed a reliable T-1 connection to integrate our rural and urban hospitals and Syringa Networks provided us the solution! We called them up and told them what we needed and they handled the rest. Their IT staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Thanks again Syringa.

Robert Cuoio
Operations Manager
The Hospital Cooperative

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