More than a service provider

Businesses today have to move at the speed of information. They have to drive operational efficiencies to stay productive and competitive while ensuring customer satisfaction. Your business is no different. Your network and communication systems are critical in meeting the challenges of today.

Our team of network engineers designed, deployed and operate a purpose-built fiber optic network that serves the entire region. This gives us a unique perspective when helping you make the right infrastructure choices for your business. We realize that your needs change over time and can help you design a solution that is flexible and can adapt to meet future requirements.

Plan for Success

The growth and success of your business will put new demands on your communications infrastructure, and Syringa Networks is there to help. We work with your team in a consultative role to develop a highly secure, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective network solution for your business. Our highly skilled network engineers can ensure that your networks are expertly configured to scale as your business grows and provide the network services required to accommodate your business.

We don't sell boxes - we sell intelligent optimized solutions. 



World Class Network Equipments Partners Network Solutions that scale, are well supported, and support future business applications
Award Winning Technical Support Oraganizations Expert Technical Support reduces mean time to resolve problems
Highly Experienced Network Engineering Staff Insures network products are configured efficiently and with accepted best practices
Network Partner and Syringa Professional Services Team approach to making you successful
Syringa Network Services Partnered with CPE
Providers customer with full solution--network services and hardware as an Operations Expense

Technology Partners

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