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Midvale Telephone Exchange

Over 100 Years of Service

Midvale Telephone Exchange, Inc., is an Idaho-based Local Exchange Carrier. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been in operation since 1909, originally formed to provide telephone service to the residents of Midvale, Idaho and to the residents of Crane Creek and Keithley Creek Idaho.

Today, Midvale Telephone Exchange provides an essential role in the economic development of rural communities. In this role, Midvale Telephone Exchange provides quality state-of-the-art telecommunications service using modern technology—including fiber optic cable and digital switching equipment.

Where no phones have gone before...

Midvale Telephone has gained a reputation of taking telephone services where there previously were no services. In Idaho, Midvale literally built over mountain-tops to reach customers in Lakeview, Warren, Warm Lake and Yellowpine in the early 1990s.

Folks like the Bryants at Wapiti Meadows (http://www.wapitimeadowranch.com) had a tough time running their business using expensive satellite phones, but now they have reliable phone service and we just introduced DSL service there. In Washington, customers in the Mt. Hull area were caught between two big companies, neither of which would build the lines to serve what are now Midvale’s Skyline Exchange customers. In Arizona, the population boom has sent development out into the desert and once again folks have found themselves without phone services. Midvale has built four exchanges from the ground up in Arizona – Cascabel, Silverbell, Millsite and Granite Mountain.

History of service

Serving Idaho Since 1909

The growth of Midvale Telephone Exchange has accelerated in recent years and today, MTE operates in four states serving over 3,000 customers.

MTE has seen the impact of bringing basic services into remote areas—telephone service is directly related to the quality of life in these areas, not to mention emergency services. We continue to look for new areas to build services and welcome every opportunity to build our customer base.