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Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a network technology based on transferring data in cells or packets of a fixed size. The cell used with ATM is relatively small compared to units used with older technologies. The small, constant size allows ATM equipment to transmit video, voice, and data over the same network, and assure that no signal type of data bottlenecks the communication transmission.

Syringa Networks ATM service combines the most flexible and efficient WAN technology platform layered on the Syringa SONET Network covering Southern Idaho. We offer ATM service with four class of service options: CBR, VBR-rt, VBR-nrt, and UBR. ATM is the premier technology for wide area networks (WANS) and enterprise networks because of its strength in real-time, delay-sensitive applications.

Syringa Networks uses Inverse Multiplexing over ATM technology. This technology provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for customers seeking to expand WAN bandwidth. We offer unparalleled performance, reliability and flexibility for high bandwidth wide area networks. Syringa Networks is the only alternative provider offering ATM service between the majority of southern Idaho’s cities and towns.

Why ATM?
  • Integrates Data, Voice, Video and Imaging
  • Uses short fixed length packets called cells
  • Best effort delivery system
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Connection oriented technology – Every cell with the same source and destination travels over the same route
  • Potential to remove performance bottlenecks in today’s LANS and WANS