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SS7 (Signaling System 7) is a communications protocol that provides signaling control for various network services and capabilities. SS7 signaling is a form of packet switching. Unlike circuit switching, which use dedicated data “pipes” for transmission of information, packet switching dynamically assigns “routes” based on availability and “least cost” algorithms. It is a way to offload Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) data traffic congestion onto a separate physical channel. In other words, because the signaling network is separate, a voice circuit is not tied up until a connection is made between both parties. SS7 networks are private and logically self-contained which is critical for security and reliability.

From our location in Boise, Idaho, Syringa Networks is able to provide SS7 route signaling services that connect to regional gateways.

Services include:
  • Calling Name
  • Wireless services such as personal communications services (PCS), wireless roaming, and mobile subscriber authentication
  • LNP ( Local Number Portability)
  • E800
  • CLASS (Custom Local Area Signaling Services)
  • ISUP (Integrated Services Digital Network User Part)