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Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated to your business

Communications systems are an important factor for your business. The need for capacity and access has traditionally been driven by phone system requirements with Internet access as a secondary element. Today there is a fundamental shift as businesses leverage the benefits of collaborative environments, Voice Over IP, cloud-based services, and other Internet-based solutions—all of which increase a company’s need for reliable, high-bandwidth Internet access.

Service overview

Flexible transport options, DS1-OC192

Ethernet from 1Gb to 10Gb

High performance DNS resolution

Static IP address allocation

24 hour network monitoring

24x7x365 Network Surveillance Center

Multi-homed, geo-diverse architecture

Dedicated vs. shared

Syringa Networks Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is delivered over our purpose built, self-healing fiber optic network in a variety of configurations using TDM (T1, NxT1, DS3), Optical (OC3-OC192) or Ethernet (10Mb-10 Gbps).

Shared access technologies like cable and DSL offer adequate upload and download speeds but cannot guarantee that the bandwidth will be there when you need it. This is because the underlying access is shared with other businesses and users. Moreover, many of these service providers oversubscribe their backbones by as much as 20:1. This over-subscription results in unpredictable performance and unmanageable latency reducing your company’s ability to service customers and to operate at maximum efficiency.

Your business needs a reliable and scalable connection to the internet, so that you can leverage powerful online applications and operation more cost effectively. With DIA your business can enjoy the cost savings of VoIP, utilize cloud-based technologies, implment collaboration software across multiple sites and leverage video conferencing solutions - all without the performance concerns associated with traditional best-effort Internet access.

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