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Over 800 Combined Years in the Making

syringa networks headquarters at dawnSyringa Networks is a leading fiber optic network provider, created in 2002 by 12 rural Idaho telephone companies with a determination to improve telecommunication and rural broadband services. These companies have a combined 800-year history of doing business in Idaho. With this foundation, Syringa Networks provides advanced telecommunication and rural broadband solutions that enable customers to compete in the global economy.

Syringa Networks founding member companies are committed to providing telecommunication services to promote the economic viability of their communities and enhancing educational and business opportunities.

Over the years, these member companies have progressed—party lines and switchboards have been replaced with digital switches and fiber optic transmission facilities.

Over $50 million have been invested since Syringa Networks origination, and today we have become Idaho’s leading fiber optic network provider. Syringa Networks continues to be innovative and dynamic by reinvesting in next generation technologies and resources.

Today, Syringa Networks continues to work with businesses and their communities to help create growth and opportunity for today and for the future.

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