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Flexible for All Business Types

Syringa Networks Cloud Service is a hosted PBX and hybrid soft client UCAAS solution that delivers a state-of-the-art phone system without the associated obstacles of hardware acquisition, CapEx financing, deployment, and support.

The Benefits of Cloud Voice Services from Syringa Networks:

  • Easy to deploy, our team handles the entire installation process
  • Increases productivity and efficiency.
  • Ability to choose features on a needed basis
  • Real-time access to critical business software
  • Flexibility to scale up (and down) extensions and service features to accommodate needs
  • Remain connected no matter the circumstances
  • Costs less and increases profitability.

Our cloud voice service connects your business via Syringa Networks superior Nx100Gb global network. Allowing your users to communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently than ever before through our Unified Communications (UC) features.

Start today with Syringa Networks for a simple, efficient, and cost effective cloud voice solution.

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Our Cloud Voice service uses the industry-leading Meta-Switch platform where all the voice switching intelligence resides in our network. Our voice platform is configured with multiple gateways to ensure maximum uptime. This provides our customers with on-net, close proximity, and reliability for all their voice requirements.

Note: Cloud Voice requires a Syringa Networks broadband connection.

Cloud Voice Features

  • Unified Messaging with voicemail retrieval via email, phone, or the Web Portal
  • Single dial plan for the entire company even with a geographically diverse office
  • Superior voice quality and reliability by utilizing Syringa Networks low latency network
  • Web Browser access to a feature-rich end user Web Portal and Admin Portal
  • Simultaneously ring multiple devices or in a distinct order to reach you anywhere
  • Auto Attendant functionality available with Music on Hold managed from the Admin Portal

When success matters, teamwork counts.

We partner with each customer to meet their unique business requirements.


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Cloud Voice Seat Types

  • Basic Seat: A PBX Feature Set for utility applications, such as a break room or lobby phone.
  • Standard Seat: Includes the Basic Seat PBX Feature Set plus standard voice mail and access to the End User Web Portal.
  • Premium Seat: All PBX features plus the BCM advanced features, such as Unified Messaging, Simultaneous Ring, Call Rejection, Distinctive Ring tones, and Advanced Call Forwarding.
  • Conference Seat: All PBX features of the Basic Seat, but made for a conference room phone for group collaboration.
  • Receptionist/Admin Seat: All Premium Seat features but the ability to add sidecars for monitoring more lines in the office and access to the Admin portal.
  • Voice Mail Seat: A standalone mail for after-hours calls directed to the company.
  • Soft Client: An app loaded on a computer or smartphone providing the ability to receive and place calls in addition to the full suite of hosted features.


Your voice matters as much as your cloud voice services do. Here at Syringa Networks, we partner with you to find a service to fit your needs. We tailor a unique cloud voice solution to your business' exact needs.


  • Businesses tools that work within the cloud are easy to deploy, allowing employees to stay connected whether they are in the office or on the go. Helping to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Puts the business in the driver's seat, allowing for them to choose what features they need and have real-time access to their critical business software
  • Flexibility to Scale up (and down), businesses can add as many extensions and new service features as they want to accommodate their needs, only paying them on a need to basis
  • Working with a phone system "in the cloud" allows you to remain connected no matter the circumstances. A cloud-based system is unlikely to be impacted by severe weather or other issues that would keep someone from being able to connect
  • Cost savings - switching from a PBX platform to the cloud can save you money, since they are typically less expensive than monthly service rates under a traditional system. Ultimately, Syringa's Cloud Voice services reduce overhead and increase profitability.

Take control of your network. Start with Syringa Networks Cloud Voice Services today.

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