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Businesses today have to move at the speed of the information. Syringa Networks' metro and long-haul fiber optics networks were specifically engineered with the demands of present and future business applications in mind. Whether you need reliable Internet access, hosted voice services, or a custom-built Global SD-WAN network, ensure your business stays on pace with fiber optic-based networking from Syringa Networks as your foundation. 

Syringa Networks' world-class infrastructure includes over 1000 miles of Metro Fiber Optics in the Wasatch Front alone. 

When you choose Syringa Networks, you’re not just choosing a network solution-- you’re choosing a partner who’s invested in your success. It’s an ongoing partnership that provides unmatched, personalized service. Our fiber optics network helps you build faster, more flexible solutions to help you adapt and meet all future network requirements. When coupled together, this equates to your success!

Why Choose Syringa Networks Metro Fiber Optics?

  • Flexibility for future network requirements
  • Lower latency routes
  • Formidable secure transmission medium 
  • Highly realizable network optimized for maximum up-time



Future Proof Your Business Connectivity Requirements

Contact us or call us at (801) 462-0070 today for a Free Consultation.

With business technology requirements heavily driven by cloud and other Internet based applications, it is more important than ever for a business to select a telecommunications supplier that provides them with the right connectivity options. 

Syringa Networks provides faster, purpose-built self-healing fiber optic-based networking. We use an array of configurations to best suit your present and future requirements. Ensure you power your business’ network and communication infrastructure now and into the future with Syringa Networks. 

Fast, Scalable and Cost Effective

Today, and for the foreseeable future, Internet access will be a key component of all businesses. Coupled with the need to ensure the flow of information between your clients, both internal and external, is always available-- as well as the need for a service provider capable of supplying fast, scalable and cost-effective Internet and data solutions. Syringa Networks operates a top-notch, state of the art fiber optics network in an array of configurations, leveraging technologies such as Ethernet, MPLS and DWDM.

Syringa Networks' Metro Fiber Optics provide you with reliable and scalable connectivity, boosting and building your network to work better and cost you less in the long run. Our network is your success. Begin by enabling your enterprise to support whatever the future brings by choosing Syringa Networks as your connectivity partner today.

  • 10Mbps to 100Gbps
  • Wavelength Services
  • Dark Fiber
  • Symmetrical Internet Access with industry leading SLA
  • Customized WAN solutions
  • Voice Services (Hosted, SIP, PRI)
  • IT hardware sales and engineering support
  • 24-hour network monitoring 
  • 24x7x365 Network Surveillance Center 

Personalized Network Design and Full Support

Syringa Networks is more than a service provider, we are a dedicated partner when it comes to equipping your business for success. Our expert technicians and engineers are available to work as part of your team to assist in design, implementation, and ongoing operation, as your needs change with your business. Coupled with Syringa Networks' purpose-built fiber optic network, you will have the time to focus on solving other far more impactful and relevant IT issues. Our team is your team.

  • Expert level consultation and network design
  • 7x24x365 Technical Support for your present and future business applications 
  • Ensures efficiently, configured network solutions with best practices

When success matters, teamwork counts.

We partner with each customer to meet their unique business requirements.


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Our Network

Our fiber optic based network has been engineered from the ground up to empower your network and business requirements. Our network is designed for your performance and reliability, and it integrates both physical and electronic redundancy schemes. Syringa Networks ensures your network is safeguarded through a ring protected network architecture in the case of a fiber cut or an outage. Leverage Syringa Networks' Metro Fiber Optics to ensure your business communications are the best they can be. 

Contact us or call us at (801) 462-0070 today for a Free Consultation.


Why Choose Syringa Networks' Metro Fiber Optics?

  • Over 1000 miles of Metro Fiber Optics in the Wasatch Front
  • Built for the rigorous demands of service providers 
  • Diverse route architecture with multiple redundancy design 
  • Multi-homed, protected self-healing network 
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Network Surveillance
  • Lower latency for better voice quality, downloading and uploading files and user experience



Flexible, Faster, Formidable Metro Fiber Optics

Future Flexibility

Our fiber optics network offers flexibility for your future needs. We partner with you to design flexible solutions-- solutions that meet and exceed your future requirements. Syringa Networks works hand and hand with you to help you make the right infrastructure choices for your business. With over 1000 miles of fiber optic cabling in the Wasatch Front, our network is purpose-built with your business' growth in mind. Start today with Syringa Networks for your network’s future flexibility. 

Faster Connectivity

Looking for higher performance connectivity options? Start today with Syringa Networks. 

Syringa’s Metro Fiber Optics bring you a greater array of high-performance bandwidth options for carrying for your data. Our optical fiber network is set to provide data transmission performance up to 100 Gbps and anything in between. This high-performance data transmission carries your data at faster speeds and over longer distances, while cutting down on repeater devices. This ensures lower latency and gives you the freedom to enable a wider variety of applications to support your business requirements.

When you choose Syringa’s Metro Fiber Optics, our network is your success. You will find a trusted partner in Syringa Networks. Syringa offers you more than a connection to the Internet-- we offer you a partnership. Our services are built to fit your needs, including a 24 x 7 x 365 experienced technical support team and a 24 x 7 live-answer support center. 

Empower your network and unlock your future. Start today with Syringa Networks Metro Fiber Optics.


Take control of your network. Start with Syringa Networks Metro Fiber Optics today.

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