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Do you have a question? Answers to frequently-asked
questions can be found here.
How do I get assistance if I’m experiencing
an issue with my service?
Who has access to my account?
Can others in my company view my requests
and issue status?
How do I make changes to my service?
Whom do I contact to establish new services?
Does Syringa Networks provide residential
network services?
Whom do I contact for billing issues
or questions?
Where is Syringa Networks located?
How does your network architecture
compare with other providers in the
service area?
How does Syringa Networks monitor customer
circuits and services?
Does Syringa Networks offer Virtual Private
LAN Service (VPLS)?
Why is Syringa Networks infrastructure better?

Can optical fiber be used for longer
distances than copper cabling?

How secure is optical fiber?
Who uses MPLS-based IP-VPN?
What does MPLS stand for and what is it?

What is a Private MPLS-Based IP-VPN?
What is the difference between public
and private VPNs?
Why use a Private MPLS-Based IP-VPN?

What is the difference between Static
Routing and BGP?

Can Syringa Networks provide Interlata
connectivity from Idaho to the rest of the

Does Syringa Networks bundle equipment
and network services?

Can IPv4 MPLS Backbone be used with IPv6?
Can BGP be used at several locations?
For a single location which is preferred:
Static Routing or BGP?
What is the difference between copper
cabling and fiber optic networks?
Does Syringa Networks have a NOC?
What is the difference between IPv4
and IPv6 address space?
What equipment is needed for IPv6?
Can BGP be used on multiple routers?
 Does Syringa Networks support MPLS?

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