Salt Lake Chamber

Since the beginning, major community success stories found their beginnings at the Salt Lake Chamber. Delta Air Lines hub operation, the Utah Jazz, the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, and Downtown Rising all had their genesis at the Salt Lake Chamber. And our future is being molded right now by the work of Utah’s business leaders. Member committees are looking at the serious issues that face businesses such as health system reform, immigration, downtown development, transportation and economic development. 

These committees have developed detailed plans in those areas and the plans are driving policy locally and, in some cases, the national level. No other chamber in the country has a track record of public policy success to equal ours, and, in fact, our dynamic leadership in the field of business advocacy is serving as a model for other chambers that seek to emulate us. 
We know that businesses have good reasons for joining the Salt Lake Chamber, and we work constantly to assure that they have good reasons to remain.

SLC Chamber News

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