Business ready

Organizations of all types, for profit or not, have to continually reevaluate each dollar they spend in an effort to be as cost-effective as possible. In many organizations, technology is often the answer to increased productivity and cost reduction and today, much of that empowering technology comes by way of network communications. Collaboration suites that bring teams together, shared databases that provide real-time information, cost-effective business applications such as VoIP and sales-force automation, and email that has been extended to mobile devices—each becoming an integral part of running and organization and each dependent on the underlying network. These applications have become mission critical for those organizations putting more importance than ever on their network services.

Our network services are business ready—delivered over our purpose built network designed from the ground up to support mission critical applications.

Network services

Business Internet

Syringa Networks Business Internet services provide your business with a reliable and scalable connection to the Internet improving your ability to leverage online applications and to operate more cost effectively.


In the world of data communications, change is happening at an astonishing pace and the ever-increasing appetite for bandwidth isn’t going away. Businesses and service providers alike are looking to Ethernet services to help simplify their infrastructure while maximizing the cost effectiveness of their network.


By combining our fully-redundant self-healing network infrastructure with the advanced capabilities of our MPLS core, we are to provide the level of service and the flexibility to meet even the most challenging customer requirements.

SIP Solutions

Syringa Networks SIP Solution offers a custom voice service that increases productivity and will integrate well with your existing communications network.


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