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February 16, 2017

Syringa Networks, Title Sponsor of Meridian's State of the City

February 16, 2017

Syringa Networks was proud to be this year’s Title Sponsor of the Meridian State of the City Address.  Mayor Tammy delivered an upbeat and inspiring message about Meridian’s successes over the last 12 months.  Her passion and energy for the community was evident throughout her message. “Community is one of Syringa Networks core values and we know of no other civic leader that embodies this value more than Mayor Tammy de Weerd.  She has mastered the razors edge of driving economic growth, creating a family friendly community, and bringing quality city services on-line as they are needed”, says Syringa Networks CEO, Greg Lowe. Mayor Tammy values the city’s collaboration with Syringa Networks, adding that “The City and our business community greatly appreciate what Syringa Networks does for our business community and the services they provide that connects all of us.”  You’re welcome Mayor, we’re big fans.

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