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The history of CTC stretches back to 1905, when Cambridge Telephone Company was established to bring phone service to Adams and Washington counties in Idaho. Since then, telecommunications has changed tremendously. And so has CTC.

We've kept at the forefront of technology to continually bring our customers the best service possible. Today, that means innovations like fiber optic lines for flawless, crystal clear communications. High-speed Internet service that reaches 12 MB per second. And of course, custom calling features like Caller ID and voicemail, plus the newest options, such as distinctive ring, anonymous call rejection and home intercom… to name a few.

Do you get a bill from one giant company for local phone, another bill from some faceless corporation for long distance and a third bill from some faraway multi-national for Internet service? Do they put you through endless "PRESS 1 IF YOU'RE CALLING ABOUT..." menus before you get to talk to a real person? And does that person sound less than thrilled to talk to you? You can change all that. You can change to CTC. It's smart. It's easy. And chances are you'll save money, too.

At CTC, a real, live, friendly person always answers your call. And everyone at CTC is 100% dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and greatest satisfaction. Today, CTC is bringing our unique combination of quality, value and personal service to more and more people in Idaho. Now that you have a choice, choose the better telecommunications company. Choose CTC.

CTC can take care of all your phone and Internet needs. You'll work with friendly folks from right here in Idaho. No recorded phone menus. Just real people who care about providing great customer service, terrific value, state-of-the-art technology and world class quality. Call CTC today at 208.257.3300. We'd love to hear from you. It's true. Many neighborhoods in Idaho now have a choice other than giant companies like Qwest, ATT and AOL for their phone and Internet service. Many are taking advantage of their new freedom and choosing CTC. Why? For one thing, we can help make your life simpler. Instead of having to deal with multiple companies - one for long distance, another for local phone, a third for Internet and a fourth for wireless - CTC brings it all together for you. Just one company to call. Simple.


CTC Service Area

CTC offers advanced services like high-speed DSL in many areas where Qwest and the others can't. And with our packages, your overall cost for high-speed DSL, local phone and long distance can actually be LESS than what you're paying now for local phone, long distance and much slower dial up Internet service! Best of all, we're not some faceless corporation. We're your neighbors, right here in Idaho.

We haven't forgotten about individual attention, responsive service and just plain friendliness. That's something you just can't get these days from giant multi-nationals or huge conglomerates.

Call CTC today at 208.257.3300. We'll show just how easy it is to switch.

When success matters, teamwork counts.

We partner with each customer to meet their unique business requirements.

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