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Over 100 Years of Service

Midvale Telephone Company, Inc. (MTE Communications) is a fully-owned and operated ESOP (employee-owned company) based in Idaho. MTE's core business is providing phone and internet service to over 3,000 customers in rural Idaho and Arizona. MTE began its operation in 1909, originally providing service in Midvale, Idaho, a small farming community of 200 people. In 1977, Lane and Mary Williams took over operations from his parents and began to grow the company by building service out to rural communities in Idaho and Arizona. In 2008, MTE became the first regulated phone company to operate as a fully-owned ESOP.

MTE has earned a reputation of taking telephone and internet services where no services previously existed. In Idaho, we have literally built over mountain tops to reach customers in Lakeview, Warren, Warm Lake and Yellow Pine. We have added fiber to homes in the Midvale and Stanley areas. We continue to improve our equipment, add fiber optics and enhance services to our customers in all our exchanges. We have installed two new radios to towers in Weiser, Idaho, to expand our internet service area.

The population boom in Arizona has sent development out into the desert. Folks once again found themselves without phone or internet services. MTE has built four exchanges from the ground up in Cascabel, Silverbell, Millsite, and Granite Mountain, Arizona, providing the services that our customers need. We have upgraded service with fiber to the home in our Young, Arizona exchange, an area purchased from another service provider.

MTE continues to invest in providing the best services possible to the rural areas it serves, helping to improve economic stability by delivering quality phone and broadband services to homes, businesses, schools and libraries. We pride ourselves in being responsive to the needs of our customers and supporting our communities. MTE employees are volunteer firemen, EMTs, school board members, city council members, mayors, various community board members, sports coaches and other community-based organizations in the communities we serve. MTE hosts the July Red Cross Blood Drive in Midvale, Idaho and helps support the Red Cross Blood Drive in Weiser, Idaho

History of Service

Serving Idaho Since 1909

The growth of Midvale Telephone Exchange has accelerated in recent years and today, MTE operates in four states serving over 3,000 customers.

MTE has seen the impact of bringing basic services into remote areas—telephone service is directly related to the quality of life in these areas, not to mention emergency services. We continue to look for new areas to build services and welcome every opportunity to build our customer base.

When success matters, teamwork counts.

We partner with each customer to meet their unique business requirements.

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