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Operational Efficiency

Communities of all sizes depend on a variety of public service organizations to ensure safety, manage infrastructure, and support commerce—among many other things. It's important for these agencies to have reliable and secure connectivity to increase their productivity, gain access to both remote and metropolitan resources and to provide public services that are more cost effective.

Some agencies require more than cost-effectiveness, they require world-class performance as well. Correctional departments utilize these networks to manage prisoners and those under house-arrest to ensure public safety. Transportation departments rely on the network to manage traffic systems and resources in the field. Police and first-responders depend on the network to communicate critical information across sites, often in response to public emergencies.

The ability to connect institutions throughout the region in small and large cities alike makes Syringa Networks the provider of choice for many of our communities.

When success matters, businesses choose Syringa Networks.

Why Choose Syringa Networks

When success matters, experience counts.

We own and operate our network infrastructure -- put our experience to work.

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