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Syringa Networks' managed SD-WAN solution is built on our globally connected backbone network that provides our customers with a premium experience. We've built an infrastructure that can be leveraged on a domestic or international basis, and Syringa Networks is committed to delivering a low latency, highly reliable platform for our customers. Our service delivery and deployment is second to none. Whether you need strictly domestic site-to-site WAN connections or international connectivity to private or public cloud applications, our global SD-WAN is the solution of choice.



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Our Managed Solution Benefits

The benefit of having a fully managed SD-WAN solution is that we can take away all the headaches of deploying your own SD-WAN. Syringa Networks will design a custom managed SD-WAN solution that is tailored to your specific business needs. We will procure, build, project manage, and deploy the service for you from end-to-end. Once deployed, Syringa Networks will monitor, manage and maintain the solution on an ongoing basis.



Syringa Networks will procure all hardware and software needed to complete your SD-WAN solution.



Our Provisioning and Engineering teams will setup and configure your SD-WAN according to your specifications.


Project Management

Syringa Networks will project manage all elements of your SD-WAN solution from beginning to end.



We have the capabilities and partnerships in place to deploy our SD-WAN solutions domestically and internationally.


NOC Management

Syringa Networks will monitor, manage, and maintain your network via our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center.



Global SD-WAN On-Ramp Cities/PoPs

Syringa Networks' global network with over 20 major world-wide points-of-presence gives our global customers world-class SD-WAN on-ramp capabilities. With a purpose built blend of secure MPLS/Wave infrastructure and virtual connectivity our Global SD-WAN service provides reliable delivery you can count on with 99.99% availability.



Unmatched Customer Service

Syringa Networks provides your business with more than a connection to the Internet - we are a trusted partner that works with you to develop a customized solution to meet the needs of your business. We provide your business with the added security of a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center and a 24x7 live customer support. You can rest assured your services are being monitored around the clock to ensure the performance and security of your network.

The Silver Peak team and I look forward to partnering with Syringa Networks. The global reach of Syringa combined with our business-driven Unity EdgeConnectTM SD-WAN edge platform will enable their enterprise clients to advance a truly scalable, no-compromise WAN transformation strategy.

- Ken Marks, VP Channel Sales — Silver Peak

Cisco is thrilled to be partnering with Syringa to deliver a robust security suite integrated into a dependable SD-WAN solution. Syringa's visionaries recognized the massive migration of applications to the cloud would expose the critical need for a new WAN architecture and better ways of enforcing policies in a cloud-first world. Leveraging their long partnership with Cisco, Syringa co-developed a solution tailored to address their customers' critical business operations. As the global market further accelerates towards SD-WAN networks, Syringa and Cisco will be at the forefront together, connecting business securely and reliably.

- Scott Stanton, Sr. Director Americas Enterprise Network Sales — Cisco

Fortinet's Secure SD-WAN solution is the first to combine world-class, fully integrated security into an SD-WAN solution to meet the growing demands and requirements of today's connected businesses.

- Nirav Shah, Sr. Director of Network Security Products — Fortinet

Looking to tomorrow, SD-WAN lays the foundation to support business operations, helping to modernize and transform the network while ensuring business operations with continuity as situations evolve. We are excited to work with Syringa Networks in delivering SD-WAN to the masses.

- Sanjay Uppal, SVP VMware SD-WAN Business Unit — VMware

Reliable and Scalable

Syringa Networks Global SD-WAN service provides your company with reliable and scalable connectivity options, which improve your ability to leverage broadband applications and to operate more cost-effectively. With a managed Global SD-WAN service, you can enjoy the cost savings of broadband, without all the headaches - no hassles with setting up and managing your own Global SD-WAN service. Global SD-WAN is also an excellent choice for providing redundant backup circuits for your critical locations.



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