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Our Global SD-WAN

Businesses across the country and world are fueling their success with Global SD-WAN. SD-WAN can easily and reliably connect the most remote office to your company’s headquarters. Your network’s success starts with Global SD-WAN from Syringa Networks. Syringa Networks Global SD-WAN Solutions are reliable, scalable, and provide unmatched service. Syringa’s SD-WAN solutions bridge the gap between any and all of your locations.


Why Choose Syringa Networks Global SD-WAN?

  • Reliable Connectivity -- Your Network is There Whenever You Need It, 24/7.

  • Scalable Solutions that Remain Viable as Your Business Expands.

  • An Ongoing Partnership that Provides Unmatched, Personalized Service.

Syringa Network's Global SD-WAN Map

Global Gateways

From rural Idaho to rural Asia, Syringa Networks provides businesses with local access closer to the customer's edge. Our global gateways leverage public internet and private connections to ensure your network’s success.

Syringa Networks provides you with local access closer

Local access closer to the customer’s edge (customer’s network to the network) , no matter where they are. Can leverage public internet or private connections
*The customer edge (CE) is the router at the customer premises that is connected to the provider edge of a service provider IP/MPLS network. CE peers with the Provider Edge (PE) and exchange routes with the corresponding VRF inside the PE. The routing protocol used could be static or dynamic (an interior gateway protocol like OSPF or an exterior gateway protocol like BGP).
Customer Edge (CE) Router connects to Provider Edge (PE) Router.
Customer Edge Router is often owned by the service provider.


Your Success Starts with Syringa's SD-WAN

Syringa Networks provides SDWAN connectivity to match your business network's needs, and our support team partners with you to provide top-tier service.

Managed SDWAN:

Fully-managed SDWAN solutions, a completely finished and monitored service.

Public Broadband:

Utilizes broadband connectivity options from various national, regional and local service providers to choose the best broadband connectivity option available.

Dynamic Multi-point Virtual Private Networking:

DMVPN tunnels customer traffic by keeping routing isolated and protected during transport across the public Internet.

Direct MPLS Connectivity:

Allows remote SDWAN sites to connect directly into our MPLS network. The DMVPN tunnel from the remote location is injected into our MPLS network and delivered to the customer?s head-end MPLS router.

Carrier-Class Hardware:

Built upon carrier-class ISR routing infrastructure from Cisco Systems, the foremost provider of next-generation IP networking devices.

Managed Firewall:

Using ISR Routers to manage a standard firewall service at the remote location.

Performance and Reliability You Can Count On

Syringa Networks is the top of the line fiber optic network provider when it comes to saving you money-- with Syringa, your network is always there when you need it. Syringa serves and secures your network’s limitless scalability. We are a partner you can trust when it comes to your network’s performance. We offer speed, security, and service when it comes to your business.

Simplify and secure your network’s success today with Syringa Networks managed SD-WAN.

Reliable Connectivity

Get ready to take your network to the network to the next level of performance and reliability with connectivity options that fit your network needs. Leverage your network?s success today with limitless connectivity and visibility. You will enjoy lower cost broadband, less downtime, and higher productivity that transforms your network and broadband applications.

Scalable Solutions

Looking for secure and scalable solutions? Start today with Syringa Networks.
Syringa brings creative and cost-saving solutions to the table for ayourny network challenges your company faces. Simply put, we provide tailored solutions that fit your network needs. Secure your network with Syringa?s SD-WAN, all-inclusive backup circuits securing your critical location and information.

Unmatched Service

When you choose Syringa Networks, our service is your success-- today and every day. You will find a trusted partner in Syringa Networks. Syringa offers you more than a connection to the Internet. We provide services that fit your needs. Syringa provides your business with an SDWAN managed network with built-in around the clock security, 24 x 7 x 365 Network Surveillance Center, and a 24 x 7 live-answer support center.
We?re more than a state-of-the-art SD-WAN provider, and you?re more than a customer. When you partner with Syringa Networks, you?re gaining a reliable ally that safeguards and ensures your network?s success.


IP Peering

Syringa Networks has over 200 global IP peers. Our level of peering reduces network congestion and makes for a more reliable network. Our IP peering allows for the most direct route to be taken-- which results in faster connectivity, lower bandwidth costs, reduced latency, and improved user experience.

  • Well peered, adds to reliability and reduces network congestion
  • Over 200 global IP peers
  • Our level of peering allows multiple paths for traffic to get where it?s going

Benefit of IP peering -- Your bandwidth costs are lowered significantly; identifying the fastest and most direct route. This makes for faster connectivity and lower costs. Peering typically produces a more direct path between two networks, thereby reducing the distance that data have to travel. The result is lower latency and improved user experience.

Internet Peering is the business relationship whereby two companies reciprocally provide access to each other?s customers.
Internet Peering is typically settlement-free, meaning that neither party pays the other for access to each other?s customers, reflective of the underlying notion that peering is a relationship of approximately equal value to each party. Since both parties benefit about the same from the relationship, there is no need to bother with the overhead of measurement and settlement.


How does Global SD-WAN replace private line/MPLS connectivity?

Syringa Networks SDWAN is comprised of multiple gateways located in strategic datacenters throughout the world. In creating this fabric, we have engineered a cloud environment that allows for a higher level of flexibility and dynamic path routing that is not typically available on carrier-based MPLS or private line services. Leveraging a combination of last mile services be they public broadband or private connectivity to the distributed gateways, our customers have the flexibility to craft a solution that best suits their requirements and thus replace a legacy MPLS or private line network.

How is performance assured over broadband links?

Syringa Networks? NOC proactively monitors performance across all internal links and interfaces over our global mesh. Parameters such as capacity, congestion, latency, packet loss, and jitter are closely surveilled to comply with our SLA. Our global mesh is engineered to select best path for traffic and all our links are optimized with error correction and buffering to ensure that your packets arrive at their destination.

Can I still use my existing firewalls?

Customer may continue to use their existing firewalls, or they can opt for Syringa Networks managed firewall service.

How secure is Global SD-WAN?

Global SD-WAN is generally transported over the public Internet. This being the case it is highly recommended that strong encryption schemes be deployed. Syringa Networks can assist in consultation and offers a managed firewall service custom tailored for each of its customers specific risk tolerance levels.

How reliable is Global SD-WAN if only Internet circuits are used?

Global SD-WAN can be extremely resilient. However, it is important to understand that Internet connections are provisioned differently. While lower cost Internet access such as DSL, Cable Modem, or some types of wireless delivery methods may seem attractive due to the price, these are generally asymmetrical and highly oversubscribed. While this may work for a smaller office with low data requirements, it is best to select the appropriate Internet connection for the application. This may include investigating how well peered the provider is, understanding their IP architecture in addition to the delivery method. Doing this will ensure that your Global SD-WAN deployment is as reliable as possible. Syringa Network?s expert Sales and Sales Engineering team can greatly assist in vetting the right Internet delivery method for your applications and requirements. els.

How easy is it to upgrade bandwidth or add locations to an existing deployment?

Syringa Networks has engineered a highly accessible cloud mesh with gateways located at major data centers throughout the world making it convenient of our customers to point Global SD-WAN connections to our network. Syringa Networks team can assist to find the right Internet providers based on your location and requirements.

Can Global SD-WAN operate in conjunction with my existing network as an overlay?

Syringa Network?s Global SD-WAN solution can operate alongside an existing network as an overlay such as for a backup service. Traffic can be directed to either network by implementing a LAN or Edge routing policy to best support your unique requirements. With Syringa Networks? globally meshed gateways our Global SD-WAN solution can augment an existing MPLS network for end points. These end points can include locations where MPLS or private line connectivity is not accessible or smaller sites with lower bandwidth requirements.

What sort of latency performance can I expect?

Syringa Networks Global SD-WAN network was engineered for maximum up time and the lowest possible latency. Depending on your sites latency will vary. However, Syringa Networks? cloud is located at major datacenters throughout the world which ensures superior performance. Coupled with Syringa Networks hyper-peered Internet Network our customers can expect latency performance well within the tolerance of their most demanding applications.

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