Revolutionizing Business Communications with Syringa’s Voice Services

In an era where communication is the backbone of business success, Syringa presents a diverse array of Voice Services tailored to elevate your communications and streamline your operations. From Unified Voice Services to SIP and PRI solutions, our offerings are designed to meet the unique voice requirements of your business.

Unified Voice Services: Seamless and Scalable

With Syringa's hosted voice services, your business gains unparalleled flexibility and scalability without the burden of in-house management. Say goodbye to capital expenses, and seamlessly scale your voice needs as your business grows.

SIP Services:  Boost Productivity with Custom Voice Integration

Enhance productivity by integrating custom voice services with your existing communication network. Syringa's SIP Services ensure a smooth and efficient communication flow within your organization.

PRI Services: Modernize Legacy Phone Systems

Modernize your investment in legacy phone systems with Syringa's PRI services. Our solutions bring efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to your existing infrastructure.

How It Works: Secure and Reliable VoIP Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) from Syringa enables secure and efficient phone calls over the internet. By converting your voice into a digital signal, transmitting it securely, and reconverting it at the recipient's end, our VoIP services ensure flexibility, security, and convenience for your business calls.

Key Features of Syringa’s Voice Services:

•   Unified Messaging: Retrieve voicemails via email, phone, or our user-friendly Web Portal.

•   Superior Voice Quality: Experience crystal-clear voice quality and reliability on our low-latency network.

•   Simultaneous Ringing: Never miss a call – ring multiple devices simultaneously or in a distinct order to reach you anywhere.

•   Live U.S.-Based Customer Service: Our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center ensures dedicated customer support.

•   Single Dial Plan: Streamline communication with a single dial plan for your entire company, even with a geographically diverse office.

•   Feature-Rich Web Portal: Access a feature-rich end user Web Portal and Admin Portal via web browser.

•   Auto Attendant Functionality: Customize auto attendant features with Music on Hold managed from the Admin Portal.

Cloud Voice Services:  Future-Ready Communication Solutions

Syringa Networks Cloud Voice service offers a hosted PBX solution, delivering a state-of-the-art phone system without the hassle of hardware acquisition. With Unified Communication (UC)features, Cloud Voice empowers users to work, communicate, and collaborate more effectively than ever. Backed by Syringa's superior Nx100Gb regional network, experience unmatched quality of service with crystal-clear communication.

Tailored Cloud Voice Seat Types:

•   Basic Seat: Ideal for utility applications like break rooms or lobby phones.

•   Standard Seat: Includes Basic Seat features with standard voicemail and access to the End User Web Portal.

•   Premium Seat: Encompasses all PBX features plus advanced BCM features for enhanced functionality.

•   Conference Seat: Configured for conference room phones, promoting group collaboration.

•   Receptionist/Admin Seat: Premium features with the capability to add sidecars for monitoring additional lines and access to the Admin Portal.

•   Voicemail Seat: Standalone voicemail box for after-hour calls directed at the company in general.

Additional Features for Enhanced Communication:

•   Easy Auto Attendant: Standard and Premium options for efficient call handling.

•   Contact Center (ACD): Integrated application for small businesses with multiple call queues, web interface, active monitoring, and reporting.

A Partner You Can Trust:

Beyond providing internet connectivity, Syringa is a trusted partner committed to developing customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your business. Our 24/7Network Operations Center ensures added security and support. Elevate your business communications with Syringa's Voice Services – where reliability meets innovation.


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