Microsoft Teams Voice

Boost collaboration and mobility for your workforce with this cloud solution.

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Transform the Way You Communicate

Microsoft Teams Voice solution saves the costs associated with equipment, software, and maintenance while gaining access to a flexible platform and calling plans. Boost mobility and collaboration with this convenient cloud solution.

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Microsoft Teams Voice Features

Easily make, receive, and transfer calls within the Teams application ensuring you can collaborate with clients and staff near and far.

With Teams Voice, you can eliminate the need for onsite hardware, reduce operating costs and upkeep.

Get a voice platform that supports your mission critical voice needs and delivers the results you need to seamlessly operate your business.

How it works

Transform the Way You Communicate

Microsoft Teams Voice through Syringa is a powerful and flexible voice calling solution that can help your business improve their communication and collaboration. It is a good option for businesses of all sizes, and can be easily and seamlessly integrated with existing Microsoft Teams deployments.

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