Unified Communications (UCaaS)

UCaaS seamlessly integrates advanced VoIP technology and tailored messaging solutions for flexible business communication.

About the service

Seamless Connectivity: Syringa’s Hosted UC for Tailored Business Communication Solutions.

Syringa offers hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), a cutting-edge communication system leveraging Voice over IP to deliver a Cloud-based phone system and messaging solutions tailored for businesses. This service, seamlessly integrated into our comprehensive network solutions, provides the ultimate flexibility to customers.

Key features

Benefits of Investing in UCaaS Solutions

Syringa's UCaaS provides businesses with a flexible cloud-based phone system and messaging services, allowing monthly seat purchases for scalable solutions that adapt to evolving business needs, including dial tone access.

Syringa's UCaaS liberates customers from phone system management complexities, ensuring uptime and reliability through expert back-end infrastructure management, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations.

Syringa democratizes enterprise-level features for businesses of all sizes through its UCaaS, enabling small-scale customers to access advanced solutions like scalable contact centers. This ensures that even smaller businesses can leverage sophisticated communication tools, enhancing productivity and customer engagement.

How it works

Effortless Communication: Syringa’s Secure and Scalable Hosted UCaaS Solutions.

The hosted infrastructure necessary for Unified Communications functions, including chat and presence features, is securely housed in our data centers. Your IP connection to the cloud facilitates user access to these functionalities, all conveniently bundled into a straightforward monthly fee. In addition to flexible seat management, customers benefit from scalable dial tone access provided by Syringa. By entrusting the phone system management to us, businesses can focus on their core operations while enjoying optimal uptime and ongoing support from the Hosted provider.

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Key Features

  • Traffic Filtering and Anomaly Detection: Our advanced traffic filtering systems detect and block malicious traffic before it becomes a problem, allowing only legitimate requests to reach your servers.

  • Cloud-Based Protection: Leveraging the power of the cloud, our DDoS protection service can scale rapidly to handle massive attacks, ensuring maximum uptime.

  • Dedicated Support: Our expert team of cybersecurity professionals is available 24/7 to monitor your network, respond to threats, and provide timely assistance.

  • Customizable Protection Policies: Tailor protection settings to suit your business needs while maintaining an optimal balance between security and user experience.

  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into DDoS attack trends and your network's performance, enabling proactive security measures.


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