Improve performance and run critical business functions with a secure, reliable, scalable connection.

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More Than Technology

Ethernet services empower you with the right connections at the right locations, to meet your growing demands. Simplify your infrastructure while maximizing the cost effectiveness of your network.

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Ethernet Features

Ethernet services offer the ability to interconnect 10 to 100 Gb Local Area Networks around the world.

Whether you need a dedicated, switched, or Layer-3 service, we have the solution for you.

Simply your Infrastructure while maximizing the cost of your network.

How it works

More Than Technology

Ethernet is wired local area network (LAN) technology that uses cables to connect devices together. It is the most common type of LAN technology in use today. Syringa's Ethernet works by sending data packets over cables. Each packet contains the source and destination addresses of the devices involved, as well as the data that is being transmitted. The cables carry the packets from one device to the next until they reach their destination, meaning you never need to worry about your data's safety.

"Diamond Line Delivery has 12 terminals in 4 states with 350 employee owners serving the trucking needs of the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. When we needed a trusted network provider to connect all our locations in real time, Syringa Networks was our partner of choice. We can trust that our network is always connected and available to our customers. Syringa Networks has been a valuable business partner helping Diamond Line Delivery to grow into one of the Northwest premier freight carriers."
Steve Miller, VP of Safety & Maintenance