Syringa Networks joins Fiber Broadband Association

Today, Syringa Networks announced it has joined the Fiber Broadband Association, an organization that is dedicated to accelerating the deployment of fiber broadband networks to ensure every community can leverage the economic and societal benefits that only fiber can deliver.


“The Fiber Broadband Association welcomes Syringa Networks to its membership. Our association thrives on the knowledge, hard work, and collaboration of our members, and we know that Syringa Networks will be an asset to our organization,” said Gary Bolton, President and CEO at the Fiber Broadband Association. “Together, we will work to provide advocacy, education, and resources for the advancement of fiber broadband technology to close the digital equity gap and create a better quality of life for everyone.”


“Syringa Networks is thrilled to join the Fiber Broadband Association. Our goals in providing fiber connectivity and quality broadband access to all communities, even the most remote parts of the country, are very well aligned. We are excited to collaborate to achieve our common goals,” said Gabe Gomez, Vice President of Customer Experience.


Given the Fiber Broadband Association’s influence and interest on rapid fiber broadband adoption and Syringa Networks’ expertise in constructing fiber networks and broadband services, Syringa Networks look forward to active participation in various FBA committees, work groups, and events. Syringa Networks aims to assist in efforts to accelerate the pace of fiber deployment and ensure underserved communities receive the access they need to quality broadband services.



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