Syringa Networks Sponsors Idaho STEM Action Center STEM INDEEDS Award

Each year the Idaho STEM Action Center hosts the Industry’s Excellent Educator Dedicated to STEM (INDEEDS) Award to recognize educators who create unique opportunities for students to experience STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The award focuses on the fun and excitement of STEM through teachers integrating real-world experiences and hands-on activities into the classroom.

This year Syringa Networks was pleased to be a Gold Sponsor of the award that was given to Gina Kwid, an elementary engineering teacher at Galileo STEM Academy in Eagle, ID. Syringa Networks’ VP of Marketing and Sales, Larry Price presented the check to Gina and her students along with Galileo Principal, Rob Lamb and Principal Intern, Wendy Palmerton. The award included funding for STEM initiatives/programs, personal prize money, and funding to attend a national STEM conference for professional advancement. To learn more about the award, visit

Click here to view the video about the INDEEDS award.


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