Syringa Networks Unveils New Identity After 21 Years of Excellence

Syringa Networks proudly announces the launch of its new company identity after more than two decades of dedicated service to clients worldwide. This unveiling marks a significant evolution in Syringa's expertise and underscores its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions.

Syringa Networks, originally established as a telecommunication services provider in Idaho and Utah, has seamlessly transitioned into a global powerhouse technology leader. With a rich history rooted in serving businesses of all kinds, Syringa has grown to offer a diverse portfolio of innovative technology solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of enterprises.

Leveraging its robust network infrastructure and extensive portfolio, Syringa empowers businesses to operate at their peak performance. Through a comprehensive array of services including Security, IT Managed Services, SD-WAN, Voice Services, and Dedicated Internet, Syringa delivers globally secure solutions that foster efficiency, security, and growth.

"At Syringa, our mission is to enable companies to drive innovation and enhance their quality of life through technology," stated Doug Phillips, CEO of Syringa Networks. "We understand the intricate challenges businesses face today, and our commitment to being Solution Experts drives us to provide tailored technology solutions that empower success."

The distinctive green dots within the new logo symbolize the expansive breadth of Syringa's solution offerings. These dots stand as a visual representation of the diverse and extensive range of solutions that Syringa provides to businesses across various industries. With its renewed identity, Syringa proudly asserts its position as the Solution Experts in the technology landscape.


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