D.L. Evans Bank of Idaho

"This letter is to state our level of satisfaction with Syringa Networks. In 1995 we had 19 branches all interconnected with T1 lines using Qwest as a provider, even though we did not have any particular issues, we received a proposal from Syringa Networks to be our Internal WAN Provider. The cost of operations was substantially lower than with Qwest, but at the time we had our doubts (Syringa Networks being a younger company) of the quality of service that could be provided. We decided to give them a try and switched all our connections to them. To our delight, our doubts were unfounded and the quality of service provided to us has been exceptional. Through a successful partnership with Syringa Networks, we have been able to reduce our costs of operation and at the same time implement a more robust Wide Area Network infrastructure. The reliability of their Network is well above average and their customer support is one of the best we deal with. We strongly recommend Syringa Networks to anyone trying to implement a WAN."

Gerardo Munoz, I.T. Director


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